The Anthropology in the World Conference was held 8th-10th of June 2012 at the British Museum’s Clore Centre. The Conference was organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute in collaboration with the British Museum’s Anthropology and Research Centre. Anthropology in the World sought to explore the relevance and contribution of anthropology outside academia to fields such as health, education, law, media and business.


The event offered:
- an interface between scholarship, applied anthropology and the wider workplaces
- a platform for public engagement with the discipline
- a forum for social scientists, professionals and students to share their visions, experiences and expertise
- an opportunity to network with publishers, businesses and NGOs
- a chance to learn from a selection of ethnographic films, photographic exhibitions and displays.


Anthropology in the World was a great success and attracted over 500 international delegates. Click here for more information about the programme, timetable and workshops.

The 2013 Academic Committee included: Raymond Apthorpe, Jan Ayres, Michael Banton, Lissant Bolton, Ben Burt, Max Carocci, Elizabeth Edwards, Rachael Gobberman-Hill, Ted Goodlife, Nafisa Fera, Susanne Hammacher, Jeremy MacClancy, Christine Patel, Stephanie Schwander-Sievers, David Shankland and Amanda Vinson.


The 2013 Conference Organising Team included:
Programme Directors: David Shankland and Christine Patel
Programme Manager and Conference Coordinator: Amanda Vinson
Marketing & Communications Manager and Volunteer Coordinator: Nafisa Fera
BM Manager: Ben Burt
Film Programme Coordinator: Susanne Hammacher

The RAI were very grateful to the Wenner Gren Foundation, Wiley Blackwells, Museum Ethnographers Group, and the British Museum for their sponsorship and support.

Take a look at our Anthropology in the World film to get a sense of the conference and the work anthropologists are doing in various career sectors.



Get a sense of the event through our online photo gallery.


The Royal Anthropological Institute was very fortunate to have Dr.Gillian Tett deliver the keynote lecture for the conference.  In this video she describes the trajectory of her career as an anthropologist working in journalism and how her anthropological training gives her unique skills to understand financial markets.