Project Manager: Nafisa Fera

As project manager, Nafisa was responsible for developing the website's architecture, design, content and managing the structure and editorial process.

In her role as Education Officer at the RAI, Nafisa works with students, teachers and organisations to raise awareness of anthropology and encourage active engagement with the discipline. Before working at the RAI, Nafisa was a teacher in Japan, Australia and Italy. In 2007, she completed an MA in International Education and Development at the University of Sussex. Nafisa is particularly interested in Anthropology of Food and Sport, as well as Environmental Anthropology. She is always keen to collaborate with individuals and institutions that have an interest in bringing about positive change towards a healthier planet and people. 


 Editor: Hilary Callan

As editor, Hilary ensured the quality and accuracy of the majority of the website's content; and wrote essential sections such as 'A Brief History' and 'Social and Cultural Anthropology'.

Hilary Callan has been Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland since 2000. From 1993 to 2000 she was Director of the European Association for International Education, based in Amsterdam. An anthropologist by training and graduate of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Oxford), she has held academic appointments at universities in the UK, Canada and the Middle East. Her research and publications in anthropology include work on biological and social anthropology, anthropology in education, occupational cultures, and gender.



 Copy Editor: Maureen Bloom

As Copy Editor, Maureen was responsible for ensuring the first edition of the website's content was well-written, contained correct grammar, spelling and accurate information and was consistently styled.

Maureen Bloom has worked as assistant editor on the Book Review section of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI) since 2000. After studying at Brunel University where she gained a Masters in Medical Anthropology and later her PhD, she taught medical anthropology at Goldsmiths College.She has published papers on Durkheim and the ‘sacred’ (Jewish Studies Quarterly) and on Dementia, disability and dignity (Curare). Her book, ‘Jewish Mysticism and Magic: an anthropological perspective’ was published by Routledge in 2007.


Many people offered their support and assistance and without their help this website would not be possible. Thank-you very much to the following:

Melanie Knetsche and the team from ESRC for their continued financial and moral support in making this website and the RAI's Education Outreach Programme possible.

Simon Colemann and Bob Simpson, who kindly let us reproduce the information that was in their text Discovering Anthropology: A resource guide for teachers and students (1998). As well as Matthew H. Johnson, Jeremy Coote, Allison James, Paul Sillitoe, Tim Ingold, James Carrier, Judith Okely, Roland Littlewood, Felicia Hughes-Freeland, Leslie Aiello, Ray Abrahams, and Marcus Banks who wrote the varous texts on the specialist areas in anthropology.

Gemma Jones, for the original idea for the website, making contact with Big Picture, setting up the teachers' network and career profiles research.

Alex Skinner and Rebecca Earl for carrying out and writing-up the career profiles.

My colleagues at the RAI, in particular Amanda Vinson and Susanne Hammacher, for their constant feedback, suggestions and ongoing positive support.

Jessica Levine, Betty Tonnies and Christine Neubeiser for their dedication and hard work in undertaking research for the website. 

The RAI Teachers Network for their support, feedback and suggestions.

The RAI's Education Committee for their feedback and suggestions.

Big Picture Interactive, in particular Andrew Watson for being a pleasure to work with and always a great help!

Photos: there have been numerous friends and colleagues who have contributed their photos. Thank you very much for bringing color and life to the website.

To everyone who has added their stories, thoughts, or ideas to the website thank you for your contributions.