In 2009, the Royal Anthropological Institute's Education Outreach Programme launched an International Anthropology Cartoon Contest. The aims of the contest were to promote creative public engagement with the discipline, and to provide an opportunity for people with a passion for anthropology to share their work and take an active involvement in RAI's educational outreach activities and publications. The contest encouraged cartoons which explored anthropological topics and ideas in comical, original, and engaging ways. The contest was very well received with entries from all over the world including India, Brazil, Italy, UK, Canada, United States and Malawi. A panel of 6 judges were appointed to assess the submissions:Nafisa Fera, Project Manager (RAI), Susanne Hammacher (RAI), Maureen Bloom (RAI), Melanie Knetsch (ESRC), Dr. Stephanie Bunn (University of St. Andrews), Dr. Ben Burt (British Museum).

The following cartoons are short-listed finalists from the RAI's 2009 International Anthropology Cartoon Contest.