The following material has been produced by the RAI's Education Outreach Department in order to promote awareness of the Anthropology A-level and to encourage new students to take on the subject. If you would like to receive copies of these materials, please email Emma Ford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A-level Anthropology Brochure- This publication has been designed to be used at open evenings, outreach events and other activities to help promote the course to new students, parents, colleagues and others who are interested in learning more about the A-level.









Fieldwork: Doing Anthropology Around the World - For many anthropologists fieldwork is one of the most interesting, challenging and transformative aspects of their role as social scientists. Whether undertaking research in a global corporation in their own city, or exploring trade in a small village abroad, their (often long-term) engagement with the community/subject they study leads to unique insights and innovative research built on collaboration and critical analysis of comprehensive data collection.

This brochure aims to give a non-specialist audience a brief opportunity to explore the diverse geographical regions, topics of research and means by which anthropologists conduct fieldwork.


An Introduction to A-level Anthropology

This film explores the perceptions of teachers and students as to why they find anthropology such an engaging subject, and the skills and knowledge they've gained from the course.

An Introduction to A-level Anthropology was filmed by Stephanie Beeston and Laurence Avis and produced by Nafisa Fera.


A-level Anthropology Document of Support for Teachers and Senior Management

This document briefly describes the development of the Anthropology A-level and outlines the benefits and practical considerations of offering the subject at secondary school institutions.