©Wales Anthropology Day Wales Anthropology Day is a free annual university taster day held at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, for people interested in pursuing studies in anthropology at university. The event has been running for the past four years. Similar to the London Anthropology Day, the event focuses on providing interactive workshops, films and talks on what anthropology is about, what anthropologists do, and what it is like to study the discipline at university.

Every year the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme delivers a workshop at the Wales Anthropology Day. In 2009, Nafisa Fera teamed up with anthropologist and ethnographic film maker Jean Lydall to take a more in depth analysis of the BBC Tribe series, comparing it her work in 'Duka's Dilemma'. The workshop explored questions such as: how do we really get to understand another culture? what do anthropologists do to gain access to a community? Are productions made for entertainment useful in educating us about communities around the world?Duka's Dilemma ©Jean Lydall

In 2008 Nafisa Fera, delivered a workshop in collaboration with Dr. Sam Hurn entitled ‘Behind the scenes of Tribe’ . The workshop took a critical look at the BBC Tribe series, discussing the role anthropologists have played in the series, and comparing it to ethnographic work by anthropologists such as Jean Lydall and the long term research she has undertaken for her film ‘Duka’s Dilemma’.

The RAI distributes Duka's Dilemma as well as other work by Jean Lydall. For more information contact the RAI's film officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.