Becci Lynch studied social anthropology at the University of Kent from 1997-2000 and now works as a research assistant at the Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Ethics, part of Cardiff University.


Before undertaking my degree in Social Anthropology at University of Kent, I took a year out to live with an Arab-Israeli family in Israel. This amazing experience helped bring to life many of the subjects I learned studying anthropology at university. During my degree I realised that I really enjoyed learning about Medical Anthropology. This interest led me to spend four months working in a hospital in Bihar (India) and to live and work in Italy for eight months. Both these experiences increased my understanding of how different cultures view health and illness. I became inspired to learn more and so decided to do a MSc in Medical Anthropology at UCL.

I now work in a research centre in Cardiff and I’m part of a team evaluating a Welsh public health policy looking at healthy food in primary schools. My work involves collecting data from schools across Wales through interviews and questionnaires about what children are eating, how they are eating it and the effects this has on them.

The work I undertake does not always relate to my anthropological training although anthropology has given me a particular viewpoint and background to build on to study human interactions and social dynamics. I’ve learned many other skills in my current job which I hope will in turn, contribute to future anthropological work.

Anthropology is a fascinating subject that can take you in a range of interesting directions after university. It’s also covers such a broad spectrum that everyone can find an aspect that interests them.